What is Primobolan Depot? Look at this awesome effects

Primobolan Depot


primobolan before and after

In food products, Primobolan Enanthate is found in milk composition, and it is thanks to Methenolone Acetate that milk has such high nutritional value.

Primobolan Enanthate contains all the essential amino acids, so it is very important for nutrition. Once in the stomach, Primobolan together with fats precipitates and thus lasts longer in the digestive tract.

Primobolan before and after

Regarding the use of Primobolan before and after in sports nutrition, we can highlight its most distinctive characteristics:

primobolan before and after
  • Taking Primobolan Alpha Pharma as an independent steroid when gaining muscle mass is not effective.
  • Taking Primobolan before and after as an independent steroid is recommended for the night, because thanks to its slow action, Primobolan will feed your muscles throughout the night and thus can save them from catabolism.
  • Primobolan Alpha Pharma is very popular when losing weight, as this protein perfectly helps to satisfy hunger in between meals. Only, Primobolan pills while losing weight helps to eliminate only the appetite, but not able to maintain muscle mass so well.
  • During the period of weight loss Primobolan Depot taken 2-4 times a day: in the morning, before training and in between meals.
  • Primobolan dosage when taken at night is 30-45 g (when gaining weight) and 15-20 g (while losing weight).


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