Primobolan pills – the most convenient form of use? How to take

Primobolan pills


primobolan half life

A very important point in sports nutrition is the correct approach to its application. This is a very significant moment, since it is thanks to the correct and rational use of sports nutrition that it is possible to achieve the desired goals.

About, how to take Primobolan pills there is a lot of information and articles, but based on the fact that each athlete has his own individual sports goals, then accordingly, the methods of Primobolan intake will be different.

Primobolan take in two main cases:

  1. To gain muscle mass
  2. To maintain muscle mass while losing weight.

The best time to digest Methenolone acetate is morning, bedtime, and post-workout time.

Primobolan is not advisable to take before training for the reason that its splitting requires a lot of energy, so the body will take this energy from internal sources and thus can cause drowsiness and a certain energy decline.

Normal athlete for high-quality set of muscle mass must be taken 2 g Primobolan enanthate on 1 kg body mass. Therefore, for example, if your weight is 80 kg, then you need to take 120-160 g of Primobolan half life per day.

Accept Primobolan every day in the same dose and regardless of whether there is a workout or not. Take Primobolan Depot while stirring with water, milk or juice. At the same time, the liquid should not be hot, since the protein, when exposed to temperature, tends to collapse and lose all its beneficial properties.

The daily dose is better divided into two doses, so Primobolan half life will be better absorbed. The optimal reception option will be the intervals between meals (preferably between breakfast and lunch) and after exercise. On non-workout days, take Primobolan half life before dinner.

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Primobolan half life

There is also a slightly different scheme for receiving Primobolan Depot.

The dose on regular and workout days does not differ:

primobolan half life

Training days Days of rest
On an empty stomach 35% of the daily dose of Primobolan half life Morning On an empty stomach 35% daily Primobolan half life
35% of the daily dose of Primobolan Depot within 30 minutes after exercise Day 35% of the daily dose of casein or combined protein
At bedtime, 30% of the daily dose take casein (a protein with a longer absorption time) Night At bedtime, 30% of the daily dose of casein