Primobolan oral and its harm to the human body

Primobolan Oral


primobolan oral

There are many disagreements about the dangers and benefits of Primobolan Oral, both from athletes and from doctors. In this article we will try to find out whether Primobolan Oral is really so harmful, and whether it is worth using it in sports nutrition.

In order to prove the effect of Methenolone acetate (Primobolan), we first point out its advantages, find out why athletes take it, and what results they expect from its use.

Also, Primobolan Oral can be taken by vegetarians or people who have certain problems with protein digestion of animal origin.

Acceptance of vegetable protein more favorably affects the work of the kidneys and the thyroid gland, and also has a positive effect on the endocrine system of women. Regarding the body’s assimilation of Primobolan and Anavar, there is an obvious difference – Anavar.

Harm Primobolan Oral — presence of female hormones

Concerning the harm of Primobolan Oral, then first of all it is necessary to say that there is a Methenolone Enanthate phytoestrogens — nonsteroidal plant compounds whose action is similar to female sex hormones.

primobolan oral

If a man is not controlled to take this supplement (especially for men with impaired endocrine system), he risks «to earn» problems with potency.

Such cases – great rarity, but still if a man noticed some changes in his state of health, he needs to stop taking the Anavar cycle and consult a doctor.

This minus Primobolan Acetate does not concern women, as an additional portion of female sex hormones will not bring them any harm, but on the contrary will only play for the benefit.

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Naturally, the benefit or harm of Primobolan Oral is regarded as an individual effect on each person’s body. – someone he can harm and someone to bring the desired effect.