Does Primobolan Acetate affect potency?

Primobolan Acetate


primobolan acetate

Sometimes athletes or unknowing people, citing unreliable sources of information, claim that the constant and systematic use of Primobolan Acetate can be harmful to health. There is also a false opinion that Primobolan can harm potency in men.

In fact, these statements are incorrect and unreliable, as Primobolan for women (Primobolan) – it is an absolutely harmless steroid that consists on 80-90% from plant or animal protein, and normally does not harm the body.

Purpose of taking Primobolan Acetate – increase muscle mass. The most effective in this case is the protein of animal origin (especially whey).

The influence of Primobolan Acetate on the potency of men

Recent studies have shown that taking quality Primobolan Acetate, harm to potency can not be. The only group of drugs that can adversely affect the potency – these are steroids. But still, it often happens that a man does not take steroids, but its potency noticeably weakens. This problem may have several explanations:

Possible causes of impotence from Primobolan

primobolan acetate
  • Receiving Primobolan pills in large doses may adversely affect potency, as Methenolone acetate incorporates phytoestrogens (non-steroidal plant compounds that are similar to female hormones). Therefore, if an athlete has noticed problems with potency after the Primobolan cycle, then its reception should be stopped and immediately consult an endocrinologist for advice. Cases of the negative effect of Methenolone acetate (Primobolan) on the potency — This is rare, and they happen most often with men who have serious malfunctions in the endocrine system.
  • Reduced potency can also be due to irrational exertion, chronic sleep deprivation, inability to alternate rest and exercise, insufficiently balanced nutrition, which is not fully able to regain strength after intense exertion.
  • Acceptance of cheap and low-quality Primobolan can also adversely affect both potency and health in general, so you need to buy a steroid from a reputable manufacturer and not at the lowest price.
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As we found out – Primobolan Acetate normally does not affect the potency, but there are individual health characteristics in each person and taking this or that type of supplement can have various side effects, up to and including loss of potency.